Should Kamal Haasan apologize for the Unplanned Kiss to Tamil actress Rekha

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Kamal Haasan & Rekha

An old video of Tamil Actress Rekha has surfaced online where the senior actress can be heard saying that how she was not informed about a kiss that actor Kamal Haasan plant on her lips in the climax scene of 1986 film ‘ Punnagai Mannan’

When the whole world was dealing with the meeting of two Prime Ministers (Narendra Modi and Donald Trump), an old interview clip of Veteran actress Rekha went viral, in which she revealed that Kamal Haasan had kissed her in a scene in the film without her consent. Rekha has played several critically acclaimed roles in the 80s and 90s.

Rekha revealed that Kamal Haasan and the late Tamil cinema director Balachandar tricked her into the scene. “Audience will not believe if I say, that the scene was shot without my permission. K Balachandar Sir is not alive now and only Kamal would be able to talk about this. It is the scene in which Kamal and I commit suicide from the top of a waterfall. While filming Sir told us to close our eyes as the characters were committing suicide. “ Hope you remember what I told you”. His decision was that Kamal should kiss me in the next scene. And it happened exactly like that. Then we had to jump when he said 1, 2, 3….we kissed and then jumped. I told them that my father will create a problem….but the then assistant director, Suresh Krishna sir, replied: “ Just consider it as a big king kissing a small child” Rekha recalled.

Actress further added, “ I was 16 at that time, and also talked Censor Board not approve for the kiss”. She added that she would never have agreed to kiss of she was aware of the same in advance. She also highlighted that the kiss helped the film in totality to bring out certain needed emotions.

According to the portal, she also said that neither Balachandar nor Kamal Haasan apologized after the scene.“ Why would they apologize? The film was a superhit! I got many films after that, too, with Ramarajan and Ilaiyaraaja, like Namma Ooru Pattukaran. We were all so busy in those days, going from one schedule to another,” Rekha recalled.

“ I don’t know about getting an apology but it is fact that I wouldn’t have said yes to the kiss at that time. They just did the scene suddenly. It’s over now and I don’t want to revisit it,” said Rekha.

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