Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G to capture the smartwatch market

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G

As Apple watched rules the smart phone market, it was only limited to the IOS users. However the Samsung Galaxy 4G smartwatch is nowhere at a very reasonable price to capture the smartwatch market share by and large.

This is the first smartwatch to be able to run on a standalone mode as well is in pairing mode with the device on the app functionalities. However, its stand-alone mode makes it more user-friendly and highly convenient for the user while on the go.

Unlike other smartwatches including the apple smartwatch which is a mere time watch without the app support from the smartphone, the Samsung galaxy smartwatch 4G is fully functional and has its inbuilt application to run on standalone mode. This means, you can easily travel without your smartphone at times, and still be aware of all the messages, calls, text, emails and of course all the health and exercise features, which are essential in the smartwatch. These features make it highly ‘essential to have’ product for the customers. A quick & focused team meeting, an undisturbed exercise regime, a peaceful meal with several phone call, and still to be able to know, that who and what text has come to you, makes life peaceful and more functionally effective.

It comes with gorilla glass, rotating dial in the analog design with various colour options include the rose gold. The gorilla glass gives it strong durability and massive strength for daily rigorous use, and the rotating dials make it easier for the user to navigate through the app. The 42mm and 46 mm variant is a decent dimension to divulge in the app and get all the desired updates. Also, it comes with an E-sim support feature, which is a very exclusive feature. So the user can have an additional E-sim, for the smartwatch, of the same number that they are using for their smartphone, making it a standalone complete gadget without repetitive support from the smartphone. Also, the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch 4G is of more than 2 days, with a very convenient charging stand for portable and quick charging.

It comes with inbuilt all the required sport, health and exercise regime, sleep monitoring, steps monitoring, diet monitoring app, with its fitness-first approach, causing the user the stay healthy and strong, as desired with the assistance of this gadget. With all these jam-pack features, the gadget is priced very reasonable at Rs 28990 for the Indian market and is expected to capture the smartphone market rapidly.

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