Routine for a Healthy Body During the Quarantine

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How to Stay Healthy During Quarantine

So, what’s your quarantine routine? Did you say ‘eat, sleep, and repeat’? We’re saying this for the umpteenth time, stop it! Just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can excuse yourself from taking care of your health and fitness. This is the time when you should be incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine. Remember that New Year resolution you had taken, to stay healthy? How far have you been successful? Not much, we bet! To those who disagree with us, when was the last time you exercised? Replay the answer in your mind while we tell you how you can keep your body healthy without doing much. Does it sound too good to be true? Then have a look at the list of easy health and fitness tips that we’ve curated for you.

1. Tuning your biological clock

Problem: Your body follows a circadian rhythm. The hormone melatonin is responsible for maintaining a 24-hour light and dark (or sleep-wake) cycle in your body. Major health issues like depression, obesity, or diabetes arise when the melatonin level in our body is disturbed. Those long hours you spend watching movies at night, they irk your melatonin!

Solution: Wake up at the same time every day (no whining!) and go to sleep before midnight.

2. Some sunshine, please

Problem: Long hours spent indoors have decreased the vitamin D levels in your body. Also, your body clock needs sunshine to adjust its diurnal activities. Lack of sunshine can make you lethargic and unwilling to do anything (felt that a lot, haven’t you?)

Solution: No, don’t rush out! Sit next to a window and soak in some natural light.

3. Say no to naps

Problem: It’s never going to be one last nap. If you take a nap during the day, your body will think that it’s already night. So, when it is night, you won’t feel sleepy anymore.

Solution: Sleep for at least 8 hours at night to prevent dozing off during the day.

4. Stick a ‘No entry’ sign on the fridge

Problem: Gobbling up snacks at irregular intervals can throw your digestive system in disarray and make managing weight impossible for you.

Solution: Eat regular meals and try not to look at the fridge. If you can’t stop yourself from opening the fridge every 5 minutes, keep your munchies somewhere else.

5. Power walk

Problem: No, you haven’t misread. It says power walk, and not power nap. You probably laze around on the sofa all day without getting up to do much (except eating, bathing, or finding your charger). This will lead to muscle loss and the accumulation of excess fat.

Solution: Try the 5-minute walk challenge. It’s simple, at an interval of every one hour, walk for 5 minutes around the house. So, after 12 hours you would have walked for 60 minutes!

See, You don’t have to do much. Follow these simple tips to stay healthy during the quarantine and prevent yourself from becoming a sloth.

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