Real Time Failure To Success Stories

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Everyone, sooner or later in their lives, has encountered disappointment. It could be something as, not landing to the job you deserve, or failures or low marks in exams after you tried your best. However, what characterizes you isn’t your disappointment, but how you raise up after your set back.

Here are real time stories of overcoming adversity been related to some distinguished individuals around the world. This will rouse on one of those occasions when you have quite recently surrendered.

Rather than quitting in adverse situation lift yourself, lock in, and get to work. These motivational stories demonstrate that with a little diligent work, any measure of business or personal achievements are possible.

1. The story of an entrepreneur


Once, there was a more seasoned man, who was poor and used to live in a small house. At age of 65, he chooses that things needs to be changed. So he considered and brought his thought and efforts to the table. His companions raved about his chicken recipe. He chose this was his absolute the best product to roll out for an improvement.

He left Kentucky and went out to various states to offer his chicken recipe. Then he visited restaurant owners and told about his scrumptious chicken recipe. Finally he offered the recipe for free. Sounds like a decent arrangement, isn’t that so? Tragically he heard NO more than 1000 times.


Indeed, even after those dismissals, he didn’t surrender. He trusted his chicken recipe was something exceptional and started selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky amid the Great Depression. And finally Colonel Hartland Sanders established his “Kentucky Fried Chicken” in Utah in 1952 and now one of the America’s best known fast food restaurant.

2. The story of an author


This lady needs no presentation. Her books been sold in excess of 400 million around the world. Be that as it may, there was a period in her life when she was detected to have a clinical misery and thought about suicide. Her marriage had ended, and she was jobless with a needy kid. She agreed to accept government help (she was so poor, she couldn’t bear to help herself and her little girl), depicting her financial status as being poor.

In 1990, while she was on a four-hour-postponed train trip from Manchester to London, the thought for a story of a young boy going to a school of wizardry clicked into her mind. In 1995, she completed the original copy of her first book. The book was proposed to twelve publishers and all of them given rejection. One day an editorial manager Barry Cunningham from Bloomsbury suggested her to land into full day job since she had a minimal earning from composing kids’ books.


Today, she is United Kingdom’s top rated author, with a fortune of around £560 million, positioning her as the twelfth richest lady in the UK. And she is J. K Rowling, the maker of the Harry Potter. Saying that the Harry Potter establishment was and is a win statement that “Nothing is impossible”.

3. The story of a software Engineer


Amidst 2009, he was a decent software engineer to whom nobody need to hire. In spite of twelve years of enriched experience with Yahoo and Apple Computer, he got turned back by two of the web’s most forthcoming organizations at the time i.e Twitter and Facebook.


Despite trying hard he couldn’t locate any organization that would place him. Then he collaborated with another Yahoo alumni, Jan Koum and assembled the application that has overwhelmed cloud-based messaging feature that is well utilized throughout the world. Truly, this individual is none but he is Brian Acton, who created Whatsapp. Whatsapp was taken up by Facebook in 2014 for about $19 billion USD in real money and stock, making Acton’s total assets around $3.8 billion

4. The story of An entrepreneur, cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer


Before he turned into the legend that he is today, this man was attempting to bring home the bacon. In 1919, while working for a daily paper, he was fired up by the daily paper editorial manager for the reason that he lacks creativity and had no smart thoughts. In January 1920, he framed a small company with another visual artist. Be that as it may, following a harsh begin, he could hardly earn at the Kansas City Film Ad Company. He was joined by Iwerks, but that again could not sustain their business. However, he procured his own studio which was effective, but still profit margins were not enough to cover the high salaries need to be paid to employees. The studio landed in debts and ended up bankrupt. From that point forward, he chose to set up a studio in the motion picture industry’s capital city, Hollywood, California


He made Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald, which was one of his first gigantic achievements in the cartoon business. Around then, he was just accepting a 20 percent margin on his movies. He got another difficulty when his cartoon character and his other crew members were stolen by the co-producer by negotiating new contracts with them.

While in this situation a great many people would gather their sacks and return home crying, or work for least wages, this fearless young fellow went ahead to make his best cartoon character EVER – Mickey Mouse. Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, this splendid individual is none other than entrepreneur, cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer of Walt Disney. Apparently, he was likewise informed that Mickey Mouse would not work since a colossal mouse on the screen would alarm ladies. Certainly, it appears that ladies were not terrified, for this mouse has kept on sharing his story on screens everywhere throughout the world, even today.

He didn’t give his series of disappointments a chance to defeat him, remaining steadfast even through his hardest circumstances. Now there must not be anyone who may not have heard of the name “Disney”.

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