Quickening : First Feeling of A Baby Inside Mother’s Womb

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Quickening- First Baby Movement

So, today we are discussing expecting moms whose all-time aware of the baby’s Each and Every movement into their wombs. When a baby kicks the first time to her mom’s womb, she may feel very happy and overwhelmed by a blend of emotional changes. It’s called Quickening-kid spot.

When can you feel the baby’s first move

Scientifically we’ve seen that the first movement can be felt by a mother during the pregnancy from the 14th to 18th week of pregnancy. And it’s very exciting to the experience of a new mom.

Some moms may feel it at the starting of 4th-month others could seem to feel it quite later. First-time moms are generally quite curious to know what does quickening feels like inside the body.

At times, it feels like a flutter, or a tiny body tumbling inside your stomach, pushing sensations, and many others. For the first time, mom takes time to realize these such feelings or movements than moms who have felt them in their previous pregnancies since these can also feel like gas rumblings.

Where does the first fetal movement feel like

In the initial stages, the lower position of the uterus makes all these movements to be sensed in the lower part of the abdomen. But as the pregnancy proceeds further or progresses, they can feel higher up in the abdomen. These movements are weaker in the beginning. But by the time you could easily understand that your baby is punching or kicking. Some babies can be more different from the others like enthusiast types, they move like karate, all of these sensations are painless.

How moms are attached to the babies Each and Every movement

Though, the moms are suffering too many pains, and too much anxiety while pregnancy.They have to face many troubles, whether it’s hormonal changes or emotional changes, nevertheless they are completely attached to their baby Each and Every movement. Moms are very excited to feel their babies kick. Besides this, every mother has their own feelings about their baby’s movements. They tell about their first quickening as a feeling like the baby is pushing and maybe punching to their own. In any case, if moms don’t feel any movement for a while so, moms should tell their doctor.


So this is the complete information about a mother’s first feeling when their baby quickening for the first time while pregnant. There are so many emotions that they are connected to the mother with their upcoming baby.

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