Pulwama Attack Mastermind Ghazi Abdul Rasheed Shot Dead

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Ghazi Abdul Rasheed

The Pulwana attack took place on the 14th of Feb 2019, and within a span of mere 3 days on early Monday Morning of 17th Feb 2019, the military knocked down Ghazi along with 2 other terrorists. It was a joint mission of the CRPF and the Indian Army that brought them to put down the terrorist mastermind Ghazi Abdul Rasheed to an eternal sleep in a spur of action.

Ghazi Abdul Rasheed was a Afghan war Veteran who was the mastermind behind the Pulwama CRPF convoy attack, actioned by Adil Dar who worked out the plan under his guidance. Ghazi was on the raider from the begin of last Dec, since when he was suspected to have crossed borders and entered India, although the brutal CRPF attack intensified the hunt.

Ghazi had crossed the borders with revenge on his mind. He was plotting to avenge the encounter of Afzal guru,the mastermind behind the Indian Parliament attack and the other encounters of the Jaish-e-mohmaad Leader Mashood Azhar`s nephew Talha Rasheed killed in 2017 and Usman encountered lately.

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