Pros and Cons of Live-in Relationship

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Live-In Relationship

Gone are the days when people used to feel that love marriages is a forbidden practice and are now getting used to love marriages and accepting them as well. But now there is a new trend which is practiced by younger generation. This is called Live-In relationship. European countries started this concept long time ago, but Asian countries started it just come few years back.

Live in relationships are more common than you might think. Everyone has different thoughts and perceptions which would lead them to accept or disapprove of such relationships. Like everything has pros and cons, live-in relationship also have.

Following are the pros and cons of live-in relationship:


• Marriage is a critical decision for both partners and needs full commitment for the success of any relationship. People’s are ambitious nowadays. A failed relationship always hurts. Breakups are easier in live-in relationship.
• Live-In partners get enough time to know each other well and take a well informed decision about getting married or heading for breakup without further expectations.
• There would be heartbreak in live-in relationship but it is better than a diverse which has some social stigma attached to it.
• The couple need not adhere to the relationship advice of elders of family or bow to the pressure of society. They don’t need to follow the customs of the society.
• Both partners are equal in terms of both security and freedom. Both of them know that doors are open to move out of the relationship. So they give space and respect to each other socially and financially.
• There is no commitment issues as in marriage.
• To check the compatibility and practically, couples should consider taking living relationship advice by experts to maintain a healthy relationship for lifetime.
• Physical intimacy plays a crucial role in building trust and comfort in a couple’s life. Live-in relationship also helps you shed your inhibitions when it comes to fulfilling your sexual desires.
• It allows you to spend more time together.
• You can discover how your other half lives, their habits, expectations and quirks.
• You can also gauge how well you both cope together with the practicalities of things like cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, and sharing responsibilities.


• Live-in relationship is still seen as taboo, especially by the elderly people. Often such couples are seen as social deviants , which meant that they are berated, critiqued and often harassed for their individual choice.
• Lack of commitment: Anything from a small future, disagreement, or a misplaced question can seen either of the partners walking out of the relationship. When there is no financial, social and legal binding, the door out is always open for the couples.

• Women suffer most: In our society, where patriarchal norms rule in the social diktat, women are the ones who bear the worst burns of stepping out of conventions. It becomes difficult for them to find a good and understanding spouse after being in a live-in relationship with someone else.
• Respect for marriage is missing: Living together makes people used to their idea of enjoying personal and financial freedom, so many couples find it difficult to bear the responsibilities that a marriage brings along with it.
• The children who are born in a live-in relationship are considerably affected by it. There will be legal issues related to custody and custodian if the couple moves out from the relationship. This will breed disrespect and hatred in the child for the partners when he/she grows up.
• Things change after marriage. Comparing current behaviour with live- in days may cause tension and even lead to divorce.
• Getting used to a romantic partner can smother the fires of passion. You can become bored with each other easily, and it takes a deliberate effort to keep the relationship interesting and varied.

Human relationship are complex and marriage is a huge responsibility. Today, young generation enters into various types of relationship on order to satisfy their physical, mental, emotional and financial need. It has become a growing trend in youngsters in metro cities.

There are many pros and cons of being in live-in relationship. Well, this is no debate, this is just our effort to present two sides of a coin to you.

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