Pros and cons of Falling in Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is a feeling of instant, extreme and long-lasting romantic attraction for a person who is totally stranger. In present era, love at first sight has become so common.

Earlier people used to say that, “True and real love takes time to develop”. But present generation doesn’t believe it. Love at first sight, like fire can be productive or destructive. No one should be in hurry to select the partner at first sight, because it can make life Heaven or Hell.

Like a coin has two face, love at first sight also have it’s own pros and cons. Many experts have made research on the love at the first sight. Today we are going through those pros and cons:


• You get sweet knot in your stomach. If you suddenly started loving someone at first sight, it becomes the feeling of true love. You suddenly start cherishing the moments.
• You start changing for the person. You start dress for him, start to eat what your partner like. You start loving the music your partner loves to listen.
• You would be eagerly waiting to meet your partner.
• You have started to think of spending your future with him.
• You also start to think, what gift you will give in your next meet.
• You already started planning for the surprises.


• It can just be an attraction. Love at first sight is like getting infatuated, because it takes time to develop love.
• There are chances that the other person is not having the same feeling you feels for them.
• You know nothing about the person. If you have start thinking about the future with that person, then you are in a danger situation. No one can ever know about the positives and negatives of person.
• You both have nothing in common, like your choices, your lifestyle and so on.
• You are playing a bling game with your future.
• The opposite person may be fake at the first meet.

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