Preservation of Stem Cells Can Save A Life From Deadly Disease Like Cancer

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Stem Cells Preservation

Everyone wants to live a disease-free life. But diseases come on their own. The disease is an uninvited guest, which can come from anywhere. Some diseases have no simple treatment like cancer, thalassemia, etc. But in this world of science and technology, these deadly treatments are also curable through stem cells.

The umbilical cord is that cord that connect the mother and the baby while pregnant. In the scientific language, umbilical cord is the connection of the baby and the placenta. The umbilical cord contains 3 vessels: two arteries that carry blood from the baby to the placenta, and one vein which flow back the blood from the placenta to the baby.
While pregnancy a baby gets food through the umbilical cord only whatever the mother eats goes to the baby to this cord only. After the baby is born the umbilical cord is separated from the Placenta and baby but some amount of blood remains inside it. The leftover blood has some special cells in it which can be very helpful to cure more than 80 deadly diseases.

The leftover blood is collected immediately after the delivery and stored in some public or private stem cell Bank. There are so many private stem cells bank in the entire world as well as in India which stores the blood for the future of the child and their parents also.

Many Indian and international celebrities have used these distances from the public Bank to cure there deadly diseases like cancer. Lisa Ray and Yuvraj Singh have cured their deadly cancer with the help of stem cells only and now they are living a very normal life like us.

Cord blood contains cells like hematopoietic cells. These cells can be converted into any type of cell and can cure many diseases like metabolic diseases, immune diseases, some kind of cancers, and blood disorders like thalassemia.
Cord blood contains so many types of blood cells and even they are rich in stem cells which are found in the bone marrow. People have less knowledge of preserving these stem cells or umbilical cord for future purpose. In India, more than 90% of people through the umbilical cord and don’t know the concept of preserving it, so the cord is wasted. Cord blood can also be donate to the public Bank.

To preserve the stem cell or umbilical cord, one should consult the stem cell bank at the time of the early third trimester. There are so many stem cells bank in India like Life cell, Cryoviva, Cord life, etc., one should contact any stem cell bank as per their choice so that they can collect the blood self immediately after your delivery and can preserve them for the future.

Cord blood cells are more powerful than bone marrow in case of bone marrow many times it happens that a bone marrow of the person does not match any person have to suffer.

Preserving the blood cell is once in a lifetime opportunity. It can be done only during childbirth if you get late you are not able to preserve it, so one should plan before delivery to preserve the blood cells and secure the child’s future.

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