Precautions To Be Taken For ‘To Be Moms’ During COVID-19

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Pregnant During Covid-19

Due to the pandemic of to be moms should take extra care of her because there is a high risk of getting attacked by this virus if pregnant lady is infected then the baby can also be infected.

It is important for pregnant women need to keep the body and mind fully energetic you need to get enough sleep each day Your body immunity increase amazingly you can easily avoid many health problems along with this moment of rest are very important for babies growing in your womb.

Regular check-up during pregnancy almost for the health of your baby and you to minimize any potential danger it is necessary that you have your check- ups periodically But during this hour of Corona crisis expect important pregnancy check- ups Try consulting your doctor online.Hence it is very important to take safety measures to secure you as well as your baby.

The following precautions to be taken to stay away from coronavirus

• Use 70% alcohol- based sanitizer
• Try to avoid going out of home but if there is an emergency don’t forget to the mask gloves and cap
• Maintain social distancing
• Call your gynecologist before visiting them to fix an appointment
• If you are going to the lab to X- Ray or sonography First get assured to the place is hygiene and Fully- sanitised
and the lab assistant wears the PPE kit
• Try to avoid outside food
• Whenever you step out of your house keep your stuff with you like a water bottle quick snacks tissue paper
sanitiser an extra mask
• Don’t go near the sick people
• Wash your hands for 20 seconds Frequently
• Avoid using Public transport its best to use your Own vehicles
• You must avoid handshakes and hugs
• Avoid using public washrooms in case you happen to step out of your house
• Always stay in a ventilated place With good air circulation
• Build a strong immune system by including fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to avoid junk food
• Do not stay out for a long time once you are back home change your clothes to fresh ones
• Things that make you happy and put your mind at ease
• Do some light physical exercises to boost your immunity but that too after consulting your doctor

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