Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya both in the net of Indian Govt, Mehul Choksi on the hit list next

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Nirav Modi & Vijay Mallya

The next name on the hit list is of Mehul Choksi. He is another diamond merchant gone wrong in the greedy of money. His arrest warrant is issued with respect to his connection with the fraudulent diamond Merchant Nirav Modi.

While Nirav Modi is now behind the bars, Mehul is still not knocked down and the hunt is on its spur with the “Chowkidar” movement of the Government.

Both Nirav and Mehul are found criminal under the jurisdiction of Indian laws for criminal activities, fraud, corruption, money laundering, dishonesty and cheating and their fraud case in connection to Punjab national bank and stock market manipulations for self benefit.

Nirav Modi has been recently arrested by London Police on a extraordinary request send by India to the UK government. With Nirav and Vijay Mallya been arrested, it’s a great victory for India and a lesson to be learnt ahead by these fraudulent criminal..

Mehul Choksi will be soon seen behind the bars and the indian official are on the go for him now. Both Nirav and Mehul are the big name in the biggest bank fraud in the country done to Punjab National Bank. Apparently Nirav is a nephew to Mehul and both have jointly executed the bank fraud, though more name can come out in the investigations ahead. The Government has not left a single stone unturned to get these culprits arrested.

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