‘Namaste’ App, Beta Version has been launched by the Government which is the alternate of Zoom App

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The ‘Ministry of Home Affairs’ had declared the Zoom application risky. There are some security and privacy issues in that application. There is a risk of leakage of information and conversations.

Indian Government had launched the beta version of ‘Namaste’ application the alternative of Zoom app.The app‘Namaste’ have very high demand and right now facing some connectivity issues. But it will be available very soon and will available for both mobile and laptops.

This platform will be use same like Zoom application, while doing any videoconferencing, A user have to Create a meeting link and have to share it with the participants whom they want to join with and users can join with that link. The app version of ‘Namaste’ is expected to launch this week for both Android and iOS users.

The safety of this app is still not confirmed, because it is working in beta version. Privacy features are examined by third party security experts that the app can be deemed secure enough for most use cases.

How to use Namaste app?

Firstly you have to open the app and click on ‘Create a new meeting’.Then add you name, then you will get Meeting ID, Meeting URL and Meeting Code.Then share the ID, URL and Code with the participants whom you want to do videoconferencing.

But still ‘Namaste’ is not the proper alternative of Zoom app because there are some features which are not supporting in ‘Namaste’ app. There is no information about the number of participants one can add to the video conference. Sending files in running videos is not working properly. Though Zoom have some advanced features for videoconferencing and we have to follow some restrictions to avoid Zoom App. So right now we cannot say ‘Namaste’ the proper alternative of Zoom app.

We have a strong recommendation that right now the app is in beta version, so don’t ‘Sign up’ only once the stable version is rolled out.

Till then just delay your some office work and use only those application which have secured privacy encryption, otherwise don’t use any of these application.

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