Must have Dresses and Accessories during this Rainy Season

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Rainy Season Essentials

Rainy season is a very important season for global world. Because the water we get from rain help us to survive. Though rainy season is important but to take care of yourself is most important.

Today, we will talk about the essential dresses and accessories you must have during rainy season. Here is the list of all essentials which not only protect you from infection but gives you a stylish look.

• PVC Footwear: PVC Footwear are very colourful and gives a stylish look. You can go for matching footwear with your dress.

• Gum boots: Everyone knows how stylish a gum boot looks. Gum boots we can wear only in the rainy season. They not only give a stylish look, but also protect your whole feet. So, don’t miss the chance to wear them, else you have to wait for the whole year.

• Umbrella: Umbrella is the must have essential accessory of rainy season. There are many prints and size available in the market. You can choose any print like polka dots, lehariya, checks… per your choice.

• Wind Shitter or Fashionable Raincoat: Wind Shitter covers you from top to bottom. It acts as a bodyguard. While, fashionable raincoat, gives you a style statement. They also protect you from the rain.

• Crop Dresses: Opt for crop and short dresses. Because they have very less chance of getting wet and dirty. And if they don’t get wet, then there are so less chances of having infections. You can wear different types of print in top n shorts, because there are many print options for this monsoon season.

• Colourful Plastic Accessories: Go for plastic accessories, rather than metal. Because metal oxidized water and get rust. While can many skin infection or allergy. Also, plastic accessories give a very fashionable, stylish and cool look.

• Waterproof Pouches and Handbags: If you don’t have waterproof pouches and handbags, then quickly buy it. Pouches protect your small essential things from getting wet. You can put your makeup, documents, money in the plastic pouches. Handbags protect your big stuff from rain, like your dresses, napkins, books, office file…etc. There are so many options in handbags like normal handbags, back packs, side bags and so on.

• Waterproof Makeup: This is most essential part of each girl and woman. Because nowadays, no one step out from home, without applying at least basic makeup. So, in this rainy season, rather than normal makeup, go for waterproof makeup, so that if your face gets wet, it doesn’t remove makeup. Waterproof makeup stays in the presence of water also. So, opt for waterproof makeup.

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