Most Powerful Female Bloggers of India

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Female Bloggers

Blogging is a huge trend in India both as a profession and as a personal media for sharing views. Blogging is a hobby for some people but also a career for numerous bloggers.

When person is serious about blogging, they will get something from it. That may be popularity or handsome amount of money.

Here are some female bloggers who have made it large in blogging and are undoubtedly the top powerful bloggers of India.

1. Harleena Singh

Harleena Singh is one of the very few top women bloggers in India who is successfully running a website online Aha!NOW. She is a student and teacher of life, as well as a freelance writer and a blogger. She is the founder and CEO of Aha!NOW, which was awarded as one of the top 10 best personal development blogs in 2014.

She started blogging in 2012 and created Aha!NOW as a platform to exchange views, thoughts, lifestyle, blogging and other related aspects of life. She has also received the distinction of being a “ Commenting Queen “from her bloggers in blogosphere.

She holds a master’s degree in English Language and has many degrees under my belt. As a freelancer writer, her articles are informative and attempts to stir your thoughts, emotions and soul. They offer a ground and opportunity for discussion and exchange of views. Being a seasonal blogger, she has expertise in writing impressive blog posts, comments and make effective use of social media.

She recently launched her ebook, which became bestseller in the free ebook sections under eldercare and aging parents categories.

2. Jane Sheeba

Jane Sheeba is a scientist, married to a smart guy and have a three year old son. It’s due to her PH.D. degree, she got into blogging. She started blogging in 2007.

Her blog post based on health and entrepreneurship have an intense effect on the readers while her website is the one stop solution for young entrepreneurs to learn about business and blogging tips. She has exemplified her presence in society by writing the most powerful blogs in diversified sectors and has worked in the segment of Medical Physics as a scientist.

She currently have four blogs Jane Sheeba, Best Hosting and Design, DoSplash and Slick Wellness.

• At, she share the elements of successful blogging and offer a free course- Blogging Success
Foundation Course.
• DoSplash is her blogging community where bloggers benefits via content syndication.
• Best Hosting And Design provides complete solution to bloggers in technical terms.
• At Slick Wellness, she shares simple and smart way to live well and have a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful look!

3. Nirmala Santhakumar

Nirmala is an optimistic and dedicated blogger who I managing both blogging and household with the same intensity and care. She is an inspiration to many who wants make their Mark’s in the online world while managing their family with efficiency. Nirmala is a brilliant writer who loves to share her knowledge with the newbies.

Nirmala also shared some tips about how to overcome the challenges for a woman in India to continue her passion and make it career.

In an interview, Nirmala informs that many tech bloggers inspired her and she got an opportunity to learn SEO, WordPress and social media market. Then she set her my self-hosted WorldPress blog, in the year 2013. It is a multi niche blog where she write about online money earning opportunities, social media, blogging and technology.

She continues that, it’s a great pleasure for me to share my experience and fascinating thoughts with the newbies. I love the way I live online and offline and yes, I’m making a comfortable life out of my blogging and writing career.
Alexa rank of her blog is 60,254 (Global Rank)

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