Minor Girl Molested, Accused stuffed her body in a bag and burnt it

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Child Molestation

A 14-Year-old minor girl went missing from her home for a few days until the policy started the hunt for the criminal. She was expected to be at home and safe within the four walls of her residence in the chawl that she stayed when her parents were off to work. Post her college, she was always at home all alone.

As she went missing, her parents immediately launched a missing complaint. The police started the investigation in her locality, to understand what had happened exactly, on the day, she disappeared. Most of the actives looked normal and there seemed to be no clue of her. Either she had run away from home or she was kidnapped by someone was they probable consideration by the investigating officers.

Her mobile phone calls, messages, phone book, emails, all recorded where getting scanned until meanwhile the other police branch at Talasari, 90 km away from her residence, found a half-burnt dead body packed in a suitcase. Her parents were taken to identify the body and understood that it was there 14-year-old minor girl, burnt in a suitcase, after murdered and molested.

As the investigation continued to find the criminal, the police interrogated all her class friends, neighbours and other chawl members at her Kandivali residence. They were unable to detect the criminal. The police then started to trace the mobile phone location of each one on the day of the crime. It was further in the investigation revealed that it was the neighbour of this family, who has entered their house and tried to molest the minor. However, as she started screaming, he hit her with a glass bottle and then strangled her till death, unknowingly, in the heat of the moment. After understanding that she has passed away, he packed her body in the suitcase. He usually carried a suitcase, with him that he used to collect the client’s shoes, as a shoe cleaner. On the crime day, he stuffed the dead body in the suitcase and carried it on his bike to Talasari, where he burnt the body on the lonely corner of the highway. The body did not burn out completely leaving scope for the crime to be investigated. Also, this accused neighbour tried to ensure his regular presence on the police investigation calls at the police station to mislead the police and also had given another number to the police which showed his location on the crime day to be at Kandivali.

However, later as the police busted the crime scene, they found another mobile number, been used by the criminal, which showed Talasari location, on the crime day, which was a clear and strong proof to confiscate the criminal.

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