#Metoo Moment: Kangana Revealed she was imposed to shoot in a thin robe without undergarments

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Kangana Ranaut

Here is another revelation made by Kangana Ranaut. Another Me too sort of moment to note. Kangana has always been known for her outspoken and revelalatious nature. She never hides or cover ups matters that she feels are unjust. Be it talking about Nepotism and alleging Karan Johar on it or be it her list of Me too moments. She has opened it up all, to her fans and Media.

In her latest interview to Mid-day, Kangana spoke about her struggle days and her journey so far.

As she narrated her story of struggle and hindrances and way to success. She remembered an incident wherein Pahlaj Nihalani had offered her a film, for the initial photoshoot, she had to pose in just a robe with any undergarments.

It was a film by Pahlaj Nihalani which was called ‘I Love You Boss’. They had a photo-shoot where they gave her a robe to wear and no undergarments. Kangana said that therefore, she just had a satin robe for a show-girl pose, from which she had to stick her leg out, coming out of darkness.

Kangana mentioned that her parents were very apprehensive about her decision to join bollywood. They feared and warned her about her getting exploited. About her getting defamed in some 3rd grade movie and she saw it coming in the Pahlaj Nihalani Movie. Kangana went on to say that the director, should have at least, given her some tapes, some stockings to cover up. Her role was to play a young girl lusting after her middle-aged boss, which was a camouflaged porn sort of character. That is when she had this epiphany that she can’t do that as she remembered the scare of her parents and apprehensions towards bollywood. It was a eye opener for her. Although she had completed the shoot she absconded without finishing the project and changed her number to be unreachable.

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