#Metoo Awaken the Govt. & brings Quick Justice,”She-Box”,169 Sexual Harassment Complaints

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Its mostly the film industry thats getting all the blame and fingers pointed at when it comes to the #Metoo movement. However, 169 sexual Harassment complaints have been registered at the Private industries, Since 2017. 

Has the count increased or the awareness or the courage to come out in the open and ask for justice ??? 
The #metoo movement has played a integral role in strengthen the women and given her the courage to ask for justice. The reason for the increase in the number of complaints can be discovered later, but justice has to be severed sooner and harsh enough to discourage the other criminals. Govt has been taking the right steps lately. 
  • The women and Child development Ministry has set up a “She-Box” an online system for filing complaints by women related to sexual harassment.
  • A senior ministry official reported that a total of 169 complaints have been received through “She-Box” since 2017. The highest number of complaints have been received from Maharashtra (33), followed by Delhi (23), the 2 most literate part of the country.
  • Central ministries have received as many as 141 sexual harassment complaints since last year, out of which 45 have been disposed of, the WCD Ministry said.The highest number of complaints were received by the Finance Ministry (21), followed by the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Defence at 16, the ministry said.
  • Against the backdrop of the ‘MeToo’ movement, the WCD Ministry had last month linked the online portal to report complaints of sexual harassment at workplace, to all the central ministries, departments and 653 districts across 33 states and Union territories.For prompt disposal of complaints on “SHe-Box”, each case goes directly to the central or state authority concerned having jurisdiction to take action in the matter.
  • Cases on ”She-box” can be monitored by the complainant and the WCD Ministry, reducing the time taken in case disposal.
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