Measures taken by Different Countries to Fight Against Coronavirus

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Fight Against Coronavirus

Here are the measures taken by different countries to evade from Coronavirus. This virus is spreading all over the world from Wuhan(China), so we will start from this.

China’s Strategy:

Xi Jinping had lockdown the city Wuhan from 23rd January 2020. These transmission control efforts included travel restriction, isolated suspected and confirmed cases, suspended school and entertainment venues, banned public gatherings and health checks on the population

And the Scientists found that banning all these showing good impact from spreading this epidemic.From the latest news, we are going to know that this lockdown would be end in April.

America’s strategy:

The main thing is that U.S. president Donald Trump had not given any order of lockdown, although we have seen the greatest number of cases in America.They are advising people to quarantine themselves at home and don’t go to crowded areas.

Recently President Donald Trump unveiled a 15-day plan to slow new infections in the United States, including more stringent recommendations of avoiding group of 10 people or more.As we are seeing that U.S have the highest number of positive cases, American President should have to change some strategies to evade from this epidemic.

India’s Strategy:

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi have announced the lockdown of whole country till April 14.They have strongly suspended the public transportation, proper isolation facilities in empty areas.Modi had done very great facilities for general public; needy person will get their necessities at their home. Some counters which are providing home-based services are D-Mart, Big bazar, Reliance fresh etc.

Advertising again and again to be at home, social distancing, washing hands again and again, use sanitizer and wear mask while go outside for emergency.

Spain’s Strategy:

Spanish Prime Minister Padro Sanchez announces strict lockdown for non essential workers for 2 weeks after 832 deaths overnight.Workers will receive their usual salaries and have to work more in future for lost hours.Spain had purchased 1.2 million masks from China for health, transport and postal workers.

Schools, bars, restaurants and shops selling non-essential items have been shut since March 14.Currently Spain have the world’s second highest death toll from the disease after Italy.

Germany’s Strategy:

The German government wants to send out hundreds of thousands of coronavirus antibody test over the coming weeks.
The positive cases of coronavirus antibody will be given an immunity certificate that would allow them to lockdown their coronavirus early.

Government had imposed strict quarantine in some parts of the country.As examined Germany have very low death rate as compared to other infected countries because of extensive testing.

Prime Minister had ordered million of home coronavirus testing kits, and it will be available at pharmacies and also on amazon in some weeks.

Stay Safe ! Stay at home !

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