Man Beheads wife, and carried her head in a polythene bag

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Naresh Baghel

Naresh Baghel (33) killed his wife over drinking issues. He had 4 kids with his wife and resided in Agra near Taj Mahal. They had regular arguments due to his regular drinking and gambling habits. After beheading his wife’s head he carried her head in a polythene bag all around for five kilometers to Hariparvat and tried to hoist the victim’s head at a traffic signal.
He walked around, traveled in an Auto, moved everywhere in his locality for about 3 hours with the cut head.

Naresh Baghel (33) and Shanti Devi (29) were married for 15 years and often had small arguments and Naresh use to beat her however Shanti’s parents never thought that he would ever kill her. He was a mediocre TV mechanic with average earning, and heavy drinking habits. Moreover, he had four kids to managed in their expenses.

On the night of the murder, Naresh was waiting for his wife to fall asleep and then coped off her head with multiple strokes. His daughter heard her mothers scream but their parent’s bedroom was locked, so no one could enter inside and the screams just were heard once, so kids got back to sleep.

The next day the kids found his mother lying dead with her head separated out and missing. And so was Naresh Baghel missing from his residence.

A few days ago, he had climbed an electric pole to clean it and got stuck there for a couple of hours and was known to have gone mental, in the locality. His kids were mainly looked after by his and Naresh was just chaos in the family. lately he had also started accusing his wife of having an affair with someone and that added more to his arguments with his wife.

One night prior to the murder, Naresh and Shanti had an argument over the assumed affair and his drinking issues and Naresh was so angry with the whole argument that he waited for her to sleep off to behead her.

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