Jeetu Soni running & hiding since November after police rescued 67 women & 7 children from his properties

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Jeetu Soni

Jeetu Soni, a businessman from Madhya Pradesh alleged to have run a human trafficking, extortion and blackmailing racket, is wanted in dozens of cases.Madhya Pradesh government has increased the reward of his capture from Rs.30,000 to Rs.1 lac.


• Businessman Jeetu Soni wanted in more than 40 cases.
• His son is among more than a dozen people arrested.
• MP government demolished many of Jeetu Soni’s property.

Jeetu Soni ran his gang and is famous as the honey trap gang. The gang is alleged to have trapped top politician and bureaucrat of MP. Soni is on run since November 30 when his night club and other properties were raided and 67 women and seven children were ‘rescued’.

But the question is, that this is very big case and it will definitely be so old, then what the hell was government doing from last so many years? How much more time will the investigation team needs more time arrest him?? what will be the police’s and government’s action, if he don’t surrender himself? Or what will be the action of government if he surrenders??

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