India’s First Ever Woman Initiated to Ride a Bike all Alone from Kanyakumari to Leh Ladakh

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Traveling  renders a predominant mission in each one’s life. It tremendously motivates and fulfills ones soul. Traveling solo not just make an individual delighted, but surprisingly there is  lot more to it, which partially  one can encounter during  the journey of school days, exclaimed “learning by doing”.

While we spot numerous people around us prevailing solo trips but a woman wandering alone yet not intensified a benchmark in India. Safety anxiety cease us to have fun, meeting strangers and determining an attachment with our own self

But 27-year-old Roshni Sharma from Narora in Uttar Pradesh got rid of her hesitant. She picked her bike, began her tour and became the first Indian woman at the age of 16 to ride a solo bike from Kanyakumari to Leh Ladakh embracing 11 states that approached across her route.

As flexible as her journey may appear, it was not at all smooth. She crossed the dangerous glaciers, giant Himalayan peaks, rough land, high passes of Rohtang, Sarchu, Pang and Tangalangla that assessed her patience

She endowed herself isolated and felt to weep at 90 km stretch, but the moment she arrived Leh, she felt her mission is accomplished

She braced herself few months prior her journey begins. She outlined directions of her journey, arranged necessary equipment and learned to handle bike if it broke down .She also paid some extra attention towards her fitness

Her enthusiasm for riding bikes initiated an example to inspire other girls by smashing the myth that women can’t travel alone and explore the beautiful parts of country all alone.

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