Husband pushes pregnant wife from running train

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Sagar a 25 years man, had an extramarital affair with Rani. He has 2 children from her first wife, however, she came to understand the affair of Sagar and eventually, it also came to light that Rani was pregnant with Sagar’s child.

Sagar wanted Rani to abort the child, however, he was fine to get married to her either way, with the child or without the child. Sagar’s first wife left Sagar’s home and went to her parent’s home after knowing the whole scenario about the affair and Rani’s pregnancy. This creative pressure on Sagar from his family and society as everyone talked about his affair and Rani’s Pregnancy. Having questioned Sagar, he mentioned Rani as his second wife, however, he still wanted to continue his first marriage and wanted the 2 kids from the first marriage with him along with his first wife.

This created a mess in the relations and Rani although pregnant with a 6-month womb was getting drifted away from Sagar, as he was unwilling to let go of his relationship with his first wife. Rani had seized all her conversation and meeting with Sagar. However, he pursued her to meet him. He was also pressurising Rani to abort the fetus, which further created drift between both of them as Rani wanted to have the child.

On insisting several times, Rani met Sagar at Dahisar station in Mumbai and they both boarded the train. As the train started running, Rani and Sagar got into a fight on Rani’s pregnancy. She was already 6 months pregnant by now and the threshold to abort the fetus was gone.

The fight between the couple aggravated such that, Sagar who was standing on the train door alone with Pregnant Rani, punched her in the feet of anger and pushed her off the running train.

She was immediately noticed by the railway worker and hospitalised. To the fetus and Rani’s luck, both the 6 months fetus and Rani were fine despite the fall, although Rani had some bruises. Sagar has absconded from his residence after the crime, police have issued a search warrant against him.

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