Husband forced wife for straying for personal fantasies

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Husband & Wife

A couple married for about 15 years and having a 12 years kid, have an out of the world marriage issue. The husband (name hidden) is a seafarer and often takes his wife on board with her for the last 6-7 years. Prior to that, the marriage seemed to be completely smooth, with no such issues. But last 6-7 years the husband has been forcing other men on his wife, while on the voyage for his personal fantasies and excitement.

Understanding that now her husband will take her along on every voyage was going ahead, was an exciting moment for the wife, not knowing what holds in her for this offer. However, the husband had nasty reasons, that he did not disclose to her until the end of the act.
At first, he got his wife drunk and forced on her a friend of his to have a physical relationship with her. Later, on gaining consciousness, she understood that he has a video shooting of the entire act and started to blackmail her about uploading the video on the internet and other social sites and also torchered her with physical abuse and all sorts of harassments.

Post this he used to keep sending new people to his wife in the entire journey of his voyage and shoot everything for his entertainment. The wife was completely suffocated with no voice to get herself rescued as he kept all the recordings for blackmailing. The level of harassment kept increasing every time, with him adding new people and more people to bed with his wife.
Ultimately the wife ran to court for safety, overlooking all the treats and blackmailing he did, because she was completed stressed and beyond the level of taking any further blackmailing and worrying about her videos going online.

The court has now summoned the seafarer to appear for the case and canceled his seafarer license and will be prosecuted suitably. Let us know, what punishment you think should be given to such crime and harassment in the comment section.

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