How To Know If He/She Still Interested In You? Look For These Signs

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Now that the dreamy and rosy period of your relationship is over, you might be picking up signs that your partner is no longer emotionally invested in you. We all have been through it at some point or the other. When a relationship starts, we expect it to run smooth like butter and last longer than a bottle of aged wine. Alas, things don’t happen the way we want! Even if you put in all your efforts, you can’t be sure that your significant other would do the same for you. Finding out whether they are still interested in you or not will give you time to think about what you want to do next.

How to find out if they’re planning to dump you? Often, people show some signs that can help you predict their intentions. So, keep your eyes open and observe. Here are some signs that people show when they’re no longer interested in staying in a relationship.

1. They Avoid Conversations About Both of You

This might not seem like a likely reason for suspecting someone’s loyalty but, it is the first sign that you need to look out for. When your partner is no longer interested in making it last, they try to avoid talking about the relationship. Be it plans or even planning a trip together, they will always ignore anything related to you both.

2. You Are Left Out of Their Friend Circle

Friends are the ones we share our secrets with. Usually, when someone starts feeling different about a relationship, they involve their friends and take their suggestions. So, if your partner has confided in his best friend (or friends), you would be left out of their conversations. If you see your better half sneaking out just to talk to his buddy, you should be seeing red.

3. Deliberately Changing Their Passwords

Okay, this is completely fine if they have never allowed you to touch their phones before. But, if they changed their password all of a sudden and are no more allowing you anywhere near it, you should stay careful.

4. Hiding Things From You

A lie or a two doesn’t hurt much but, if it becomes a regular thing, you need to take notice. Honesty in a relationship serves as the founding rock. Hiding things from each other can mean either you’re not confident about the relationship or are uncomfortable around them.

5. Talking to Someone Behind Your Back.

This is a deal-breaker. If they start talking to someone and hide it from you, it is the surest sign that they are no longer willing to take this relationship forward. Once or twice is fine. If this becomes a regular thing, that’s a warning bell for you.

While all these signs can be alarming, don’t act on impulses. You can always clear a misunderstanding by talking to your partner. If they listen to you and put in efforts to make the relationship last, you don’t have to hold a grudge against them.

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