How to help a person to move out who is struggling from depression?

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Depression is a common mental disorder, which affects person’s relationships, thoughts, feelings and sometimes it may also lead to commit suicide. Depression is an illness like diabetes or heart problem, it is not a sign of weakness or mental illness.

When someone from your family or friend is battling with depression, it becomes hard for you how to behave. The person sometime becomes very wired and negative. Depression can happen with anyone at any junction of the life. Even some of our celebs also suffers from depression like Shah Rukh Khan, Varun Dhawan, Deepika Padukone, Robin Williams and so many.

No one should make fun of the person who is suffering from depression. Because everyone of us are battling internally with some or the other problems. So, it’s our duty to be supportive and kind to the person who is going through the difficult time of depression.

Before you help the person, you should know the basic SYMPTOMS of depression.

• Change in the sleep pattern
• Feeling sad, alone and hopeless
• Frustration on small things
• Lost interest in hobbies and daily activities.
• Negative feeling of getting fail every time.
• Sudden change in weight.
• Trouble in decision making
• Thoughts of suicide.

Symptoms differ from person-to-person, but you are serious you can easily find the symptoms.

Now, it’s your duty to help your loved ones to cope up with depression. You can do following things to help them:

• DON’T COMPARE: First thing you should keep in mind is that never compare the person with other. It will make them more negative and they start feel alone in their despair.

• LISTEN TO THEM: If you want to support the person, just give them your attention. Just don’t you speak, let them allow to speak also and you listen to them. Because the more they share, the more they feel relief. And in between if you feel the person is getting aggressive or negative, just take a break and come back when you feel they have become calm.

• LEARN ABOUT DEPRESSION: Before you help the person to move out from depression, first educate yourself about depression. Like symptoms, causes, diagnostic and treatment. Because if you know, then only you can help.

• HAVE PATIENCE: Taking care of a depression patient is always complicated and overwhelming. Hence, you need to have some patience to tackle the awkward situations you may face. Just create your boundaries and allow your other friends to help in this relaxation method.

• ENCOURAGE FOR THERAPY: Motivate your loved one to seek help from therapist. If the person doesn’t respond for therapy, give them alternative options like gardening, yoga, reading books, walking, music, dance or tell them to join any social group or any club.

• BE THERE WHEN THEY NEED YOU: Make sure that you are always there to with the depression patient whenever they need you. It may be anywhere, whether its shopping, movie, any household chore or anything and anytime. Even when you have free time, just take them for shopping, movie, dinner or whatever they like.

• SHOWER THEM IN PRAISE: Make positive comments whenever the patient is trying to do something, whether they have done it properly or not. Just your positive comment can help them to gain back their confidence.

• HELP TO AVOID ALCOHOL OR CAFFEINE: If the depression patient is habitual of consuming a lot of alcohol or caffeine, try them to stop it. Because excessive use makes the depression go from dark to darker.

Sometimes, depression increase the person’s risk for suicide or self-harm, there are some signs to recognize the signs:

• Sudden mood swing
• Talking about death
• More consumption of pills
• Negative feeling, hopelessness or self-hatred
• Saying bye again and again
• Try to leave alone
• Purchasing a weapon
• Giving away treasured possessions and belongings.

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