How To Find The Right Shade Of Lipstick

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How to Choose Right Shade of Lipstick

Be it a Monday morning at work or a Saturday party night; your look is incomplete without a swipe of your favourite lipstick. But, aren’t you bored of using the same shade over and over again? Why don’t you try something different for a change? We know it’s easier said than done! Going out to find the right shade of lipstick is like going on a blind date, you never know what to do. Need some instant confidence? Change your lipstick! A fresh pop of colour on your lips will make your day go from drab to fab in seconds. Not only will you feel good about yourself, but you will also look fresher and radiant.

Ever wondered why your face looks dull on certain days? It’s because you are wearing the wrong shade of lipstick. It is essential to choose the right lipstick for your skin tone as that will decide how good you look. It’s not rocket science. Here’s your ultimate guide to finding the perfect lipstick.

Step 1: Select Your Shade

You can choose from nude, pink, red, coral, purple, and berry. Don’t believe in traditional conventions that say you cannot wear a shade because your skin tone isn’t right. That’s absolute rubbish. No matter your skin tone, you can rock every shade.

Step 2: Decide The Finish Of The Lipstick

Are you a matte person or a glossy person? Choose from a wide range of matte, glossy, crème, and metallic to select the perfect lipstick for yourself. Here’s a tip. If you want to choose a lipstick for office wear, go for mattes as they will last from 9 am to 5 pm without smudging.

Step 3: What’s Your Skin Tone?

Your skin tone doesn’t limit the shades you can wear. Instead, it will help you find the perfect shade and wear it with confidence. Here’s a breakup of skin tones and shades that you can buy.

• Light to the medium: Go for pinks or reds having an orange undertone. If you’re going for nudes, try shades like
plum or pink satin silk.
• Medium to wheatish: Reds with earthy brown undertones would be perfect for you. Nudes like coffee and caramel
would complement and enhance your skin tone.
• Wheatish to dark: Think of cocoa and burgundy, beautiful! For reds, try the ones having maroon undertones.

How to test the shade for your skin tone?

Swipe the lipstick on top of your hands to know whether it would suit your skin or not. If you see a whitish patch, then it’s not meant for you. At any cost, avoid lipsticks that wash you out, or you might end up looking like a character from ‘The Conjuring.’ (Not fun.)

Girls, you’re one lipstick away from changing your personality. Buy the right shade of lipstick and see yourself getting transformed.

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