How to deal with the tough times of breakup?

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Breakup is one of the most stressful and emotional experience in one’s life. Whenever any relationship fails, it becomes very difficult to grieve from it. A breakup turns the whole world upside down and gives a lot of pain.

After a breakup, everything gets disturbed, whether it is your routine or responsibilities. Sometimes, the consequences of breakup lead to unhappy life, negativity and so much pain.

A person gets pain, disruption and uncertainty due to breakup, but one should not stick to it. Because your future is based on how you are reacting in your present. Move on is very essential, although very tough.


There may be many reasons for breakup, and it vary from person to person.

• Dissatisfaction: One or both partners are dissatisfied in the relationship.
• Age difference
• Difference in intelligence
• One person is bonding the other, like not to eat this, not to wear this, not to go there and so many
• Unequal involvement in relationship
• Cheating the other partner

To handle or cope up with break you should follow some of the following tips:

• Keep the distance: Though you have decided to stay as a friend with your ex but stay away from each other right after the breakup. Don’t see them or any of their family member or friend. Don’t even talk on phone, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social networking site. Don’t come in contact with each other right after separation, when you both comes out of the pain of breakup, then you can contact but just as a friend.

• Remove memories: Removes all the gifts or memories, you both have spent together. Remove the things that remind you of your partner. Delete the pictures you both have together. Try to remove all the gifts your ex has present you, if they are expensive, keep in some locker, and don’t even look at it, until you move on.

• Take care of yourself: Since you have recently breakup with your loved one, just take care of your mental, physical and spiritual well being. Do things that relax you like walking, exercising or dancing. Eat a balanced and healthy food, which includes fruits and vegetables. Get proper sleep of 7-8 hours. To relax yourself do meditation, deep breath exercise.

• Stay with positive peoples: Try to spend your time with the person who are positive and supportive. Those people will help you to move on from the traumatising feeling of breakup.

• Make a diary: Start writing about your feelings. Try writing some poems or story which gives you a happy feeling. Write about each day you feel after breakup. Of you have any frustration on your ex, write a letter to them, but don’t send it.

• Think about your ex’s behaviour: Make a list of every negative thing of your partner, it will help to get over the breakup faster. Like your ex forgot your birthday, made plans without you, don’t allow you to wear what you love, don’t allow you to eat the food of your choice or your ex don’t allow you to spend time with your friends. Just think of all his negative behaviour, will help you move on fast.

• Go for a vacation: Plan a vacation to your favourite place with the one you feel safe and happy. Enjoy the beautiful scenes there or have some adventure.

• Stay socially active: Staying socially active is very important. Since, your near ones are there to support you.

• Focus on you: Write about 10 things you are best in and compare this with your ex. You will be happy to know, that you are much better than your ex and breaking with him is a good decision for you.

• Accept the situation: Be calm and patient and accept what had happen. Turn your loss into a good and learning experience. You can learn a lot of lesson from your failed relationship.

• Think you still have a future: After breakup, you become so sad and just spend time in the last memories. Try to overcome from it and start thinking about future. Because your future is standing in front of you. Make new plans for future.

Breakup is a very difficult phase of life. Move on from it is a big deal, but one can’t stay stick to it. Everyone has to move on and have a great future.

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