How To Deal With Crankiness In Pregnancy

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Mood Swings in Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with lots of new changes. It can be good and sometimes a bit difficult to accept. But this happens with every pregnant lady. So, it as normal as the pregnancy.

Women feel fussy and eccentric disposition during pregnancy. Anger and irritation come along. Unfulfilled craving plays the major role in pregnancy for dissatisfaction and then leads to anger and crankiness.

Why Pregnancy Causes Crankiness

• Hormonal changes is the main reason for crankiness. During pregnancy a women’s body goes through multiple hormonal changes simultaneously. Amount of estrogen and progesterone in the blood increases which affects the mood of a pregnant lady.

• Biochemical changes is also an important factor. Water retention and sharp dips in blood sugar are a part of biochemical changes during pregnancy which causes irritation.

• Changing body during pregnancy is very normal and obvious but somewhere in the mind it affects every pregnant lady. They are aware of the fact that their body will expand but still it affects them.

• Concerning about the coming baby leads to overthinking and worries which is not good during pregnancy but is very common. But sometimes it affects the health of the pregnant lady so it is a matter which should be taken care of.

How To Deal With Crankiness

Be Patient – The only thing worse than feeling bad is feeling bad about the fact that you’re feeling bad. Be patient with yourself and remember this too shall pass.

Talk To Your Partner – Share your experience and feelings with your partner but remember not only bad ones. Spend time with each other talking about your baby and his future.

Talk To Your Baby In The Womb – This does not sounds logical but it is scientifically proven that talking to your baby is the best therapy every pregnant lady needs. It relaxes your mind and soul.

Sleep Well – The easiest way to relaxing your mind is having a good sleep. It not only relaxes your body but also helps to provide peace within and energizes your body.

Reading Good Books – It helps to create positive vibes around you and motivates you to be calm. It also increases your imagination power and your knowledge as well. But, selection of the book is very important during pregnancy. So, avoid books which talk about negative topics like crime, disasters etc.

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