How To Bounce Back To Work After A Long Maternity Break ?

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Back to Work After Maternity

‘Women are the caregivers of a family,’ this generic statement has put a tremendous burden on the shoulders of women. They nurture, care, love, and shower tender affection on everyone. But, they struggle when it comes to caring for themselves. Society puts a lot of pressure on women and expects them never to complain. The work lives of women are always in disarray. As long as you’re single, you can smoothly sail through (albeit with some problems). But, once you get married, the situation becomes completely different.

Family planning always results in the woman leaving her job to care for her newborn child. Maternity leaves are a joke in the corporate sector. So, you won’t find many women bouncing back to work after delivering their child. Often, families don’t support women trying to get back to work after a career gap. Their reason: Who would take care of your child and family? It’s time you put the old thoughts to rest and proved everyone that you are a strong and powerful woman. Here are some fantastic tips for women returning to work.

1. Stay Updated

Don’t stop learning. Even if you are on a career gap, keep looking for online courses. Stay informed about the latest news in your field of work so that when you finally go back to work, you won’t feel outdated. You can subscribe to online journals or join a LinkedIn group to get back to your old work circle.

2. Prepare A Smart Resume

Traditional resumes follow a sequential approach. But, if you do that, there would be a glaring gap in the chronology. So, try to put your most significant achievements at the top so that your employers will get an excellent first impression.

3. Stay Calm And Motivated

It’s just a break and not the end of the world. So, relax. Stay calm, and do whatever gives you happiness. Pursue a hobby, play with your kid, and focus on your inner peace. Most importantly, avoid any negative thoughts and channelize your inner strength.

4. Create A Plan

Whether you like it or not, your maternity leave isn’t going to last for just six months. Embracing motherhood can be overwhelming, and responsibilities will come hard at you. Improper planning will lead to a decrease in morale and a longer-than-intended gap. Ask your professional friends for help and strategise your work-leave from beginning till the end.

5. Above All, Don’t Quit

We understand it might get challenging for you during the initial stages. But, trust us, it’s going to get better soon. No matter what you do, don’t harbor thoughts of quitting. You have made it so far; you can’t possibly stop now! Don’t view this as a responsibility; instead, think of it as a challenge that you need to win. Talk with your spouse regarding critical issues and ask them for help.

With a little love and support, you can quickly bounce back to work. It’s the 21st century, and women no longer quit!

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