How Papaya Is Beneficial for Skin & Hair ?

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Benefits of Papaya

As we all know fruits are all time best thing for us. But Papaya have some unbelievable benefits.It is beneficial for our body and can also be used for making face mask.

Some unknown facts about Papaya

• Papaya is a flowering plant which have white flowers and have 5 petals each.
• Papaya tree have no branches, we can also see when the tree gets injured.
• A Papaya leaf have 4-6 months life.
• There are male and female plants of Papaya, where male plant doesn’t produce food only female can produce fruit.

How Papaya is beneficial for skin and Hair

#Papaya is rich in Antioxidants which helps skin to glow and make it soft. It also helps skin free from wrinkles which helps you look young.

# It helps in removing acne, Papaya contains Vitamin A properties which helps for treatment of acne and also helps to stop developing small red and painful bombs.

# Papaya Mask on hair helps to smoothen hair and reduce hair fall. It also helps to make shiny hair.For making mask you have to mix coconut oil and honey with Papaya. Apply the mask for 30 minutes then rinse of with shampoo.

# Applying papaya on hair also helps in growth of hair. Reducing and controlling dandruff is also a very good benefit of applying papaya on hair.

Some side effects of eating Papaya

• Women should not eat Papaya during pregnancy because its seeds are harmful at that time.
• Papaya is good for peoples with constipation, but excessive consumption of Papaya can damage your stomach and can
cause severe pain.
• Excessive consumption of Papaya can cause respiratory issues like Asthma, so we should be careful while eating
• Excessive consumption of Papaya can cause kidney stones because of its seeds.
• It can also skin rashes but not to all peoples, it depends on immunity of a person.

What to do with Papaya seeds?

Many of the peoples throw seeds after eating Papaya. It can be used somewhere else. The proper use of seeds can be done by removing the seeds and rub it with a gentle pressure and store it on a safe place.These seeds can be used for seasoning for many dishes. You can crush it or grind it before adding them to food.

There are a lot of benefits of using papaya on face, it helps in relieving the sunburn. Don’t mix anything into Papaya, just crush it and apply on the face and leave it for five minutes. Then rinse off with normal water, you will feel fresh also because it contains anti-inflammatory properties in it.

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