How Colour of Party Dress reveals your personality ?

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Party Wear Dresses

While you’re busy dressing up for the party to impress and look your best. Here’s what the colour you choose to wear reveals about your personality.

Red: Red is a common colour worn at parties and weddings. Red symbolises strength and boldness. If your party outfit is red, you’re probably someone who is outgoing and impulsive. You are optimistic and don’t like monotony. The colour red also implies that you like having fun, are open and full of zest.


Black: If you’ve chosen to wear a black LBD or a gown for a party, it suggests that you like playing safe. You are not open to experimenting but are impressive without being showy. You are also mysterious and dignified.


White: White suggests you are naïve and youthful. You like simplicity and prefer living the simple life. You are positive and desire perfection.


Purple: If you’ve chosen to wear a purple outfit, your personality is witty and you desire to be unique and different. You’re not fond of big parties with too many people, but prefer the company of a few close friends.


Pink: You like affection, romance and passion. You want to appear delicate and fragile and want someone to look after you and protect you. You are charming, gentle and calm.


Blue: Blue is a calm and soothing colour. If you’ve chosen the colour blue, you’re a caring and compassionate person. You are patient, sensitive and self-controlled. People can rely on you and you make sure everyone is having a good time.


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