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Plants & Flowers for Natural Glowing Skin

Natural products have a lot of importance. People are widely using these products because of their benefits for skin. Plants helps in moisturize, clean, tone and heal the skin.

Today we will talk about those natural products which are beneficial for us –

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plants are very good for skin. Aloe Vera leaves contains a gel inside it, which smoothers burned skin, reduce inflammation and moisturize skin. We are strongly recommended you use it in a limit otherwise it will dry your skin. Don’t add any other thing into gel. You just have to cut the leave, then apply the gel on your face for some time.

Green Tea

Green Tea have antioxidants qualities to improve ageing skin, reduce bacteria growth and reduce inflammation.
Green Tea also helps to reduce oil from face. Continue use of Green Tea will very beneficial for face. Its fresh leaves also came in use to make toners and creams.

Sage Leaves

Sage helps in cleansing oily skin. Its also helps for hair, we have to put dry leaves into water and apply it to hair, it will help to do your hair silky ad dark. It can also be mix with coffee, nettles and rosemary. It will make darkening effect stronger.


It’s a very beautiful flower helps in reducing inflammation and have a lot of properties in it. It helps in treating damaged skin and acne.An infusion of flowers in lotion and creams helps to reduce wrinkles and also helps to tone the skin.


These flowers have very great fragrance, infusion of this helps to make creams, lotion and toner. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Oil extracted from the plant helps in treating cuts and burns. We can use both dry and fresh flowers.


Mint helps to remove acne; it contains salicylic acid through which it helps in treating acne. Mint juice helps to soother and calm infected skin. We have to mash few leaves with oatmeal to spot treat pimples and honey for DIY mask. It also helps to treat cracked feet; we just have to boil these leaves and have to soak our feet.


These flowers have very good looks, it has components for natural skin care. It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in soothing itchy and infected skin. It also helps to treat acne sores, cuts, wound and many other skin problems. Its oil is derived from marigold flowers which helps to make lotion and even hair care products. It also helps to moisturize skin.


We all know what it is, Cucumber contains plenty of antioxidants helps you to prevent from wrinkles and sun damage. It also helps to fight inflammation and reduce ageing. Many peoples use it for face wash and also, we all know the eye treatment of cucumber. For DIY mask, you have to mix cucumber with lemon juice and sugar. Eating cucumbers helps to make our immune strong with plenty of Vitamins.

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