Hardik Pandya & K L Rahul to be or not to be in the World Cup squad ???

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Hardik Pandya, K L Rahul & Karan Johar

After the heart warming performance of Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul, whether or not they will be in the world Cup Squad is a question for all. No matter how well they have played in the IPL, their comments in the KJo Talk Show, “Koffee with Karan” are well remembered by all and they image they carry is quite male chauvinist.

Hardik Pandya was deposed on tuesday, 9th April 2019, before BCCI Ombudsman D K Jain for making sexist comments on a TV chat show while his India teammate K L Rahul will be doing the same ahead of the IPL game between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab here on Wednesday, 10th April 2019. Pandya has played for Mumbai Indians and Rahul for Kings XI Punjab. Both have shown a commendable performance in their match and have made themselves worthy of selections ahead. But behind them lies their defaming comments, which may pull them back to the pavilion. As per the court notice, both Hardik and Rahul are deposed to the Justice this week to clean the air on their shameful comments.

The enquiry commission has investigated into the matter basis every comment of the 2 players and Pandya and Rahul were provisionally suspended by the Committee of Administrators for their remarks before the suspension was lifted. A report will be submitted on the matter to the COA headed by former CAG Vinod Rai. Both players became subjects of nationwide criticism following their loose remarks on women and with the me too movement taking flair at the same time, their comments were taken very seriously and proved detrimental for their career. A cricket is not just a performer on the cricket field but a public figure for the nation that the crowd looks up to and imitates by and large. For Rahul and Pandya to make such comments is highly dangerous for the society and the kind of foundation we are building morally of our nation. Hopeful both have become matured and sensible enough about this by now of the importance of their status and the value they hold for the nation.

The controversial episode was aired in the first week of January, triggering outrage, which prompted the COA to call the duo back from the tour of Australia, handing them provisional suspensions. The two tendered unconditional apologies and their ban was provisionally lifted pending inquiry. Once Jain assumed his role, the COA handed over the matter to him for the completion of the inquiry. The two players have also spoken publicly on the incident, recalling one of the toughest phases of their respective careers. However no matter the phase of life, one has to be righteous on their moral grounds and their can’t be any excuse to justify a male chauvinist, sexist approach toward the women in the society. However, their can be some benefit of doubt given to both as the show is edited and might also be scripted to some extend consider TRP and other factors for increasing viewership, which only not the finding of the investigation will talk out about.

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