Happiness of Entering Into Motherhood

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New Moms

The day you deliver your baby changes your whole life. The feeling when you come to know that you are going to be a mom soon is the happiest feeling of your life and delivering a baby and sewing your baby for the first time is equally happy.

The moment you see your baby for the first time will make you feel on the top of the world. You forget all your pain and sorrow when you see and touch your baby for the first time.

When you touch the baby for the first time depends on the birth type you have given. If the baby is delivered by vaginal birth, then you will be able to touch the baby immediately after the birth but if baby is delivered through a C-section then you will be able to touch your baby after the pedestrian test and consult.

When first time you feel the kick and heartbeat of a baby inside your womb you feel very happy. Some women bear a lot of complications during their pregnancy but after seeing their baby they forget all those pains and complications.

Women forget all the exhaustion and pain when sees her baby and gets a natural glow because of the happiness she gets after seeing her baby.

Seeing baby for the very first time and touching your baby is the feeling of mixed emotions you become very happy inside my dear roll down her cheeks.

Skin to skin contact with your baby for the first time it is the new way to say hello to each other. There are so many benefits of skin to skin contact like:

• Baby feels warm better touch.
• Your baby recognise your heartbeat which he or she feel inside your warm and feel stress free.
• It helps to start a good breast feed.
• Improve the blood from their body.

You can make the bonding with the child but maybe some time it takes time because you are exhausted and you are in pain. So try not to be in pressure.

A new mom face so many problems in the starting like:

• Sleepless Nights
• Problem while breastfeeding
• Properly holding the baby
• Understanding baby needs and wants.

But slowly all the problems sort of time as you understands baby’s need and your baby will also be used to with you.
Being a new mom is a very crucial and happiest time of lady in the whole life. A new mom need sometime to understand the baby and their needs. But seriously it is the best feeling.

Stay happy and stress-free because if you are happy you will be able to make your baby happy and comfortable so have a happy motherhood.

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