Hairstylist Molesting Women at the Salon in Mumbai

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The south Mumbai salon had a good stream of women customers on a regular basis. The salon was quite reputed. Lately, a 19 yrs old hairstylist was reported to have harassed many female customers while cutting their hair and styling them.

He use to touch them inappropriately at the various parts on the pretext of styling them. Most of the customers got annoyed with this and stop visited, until one day when his level of indecency crossed all limits.

On Sunday, the VP road police station finally arrested Altaf Salmani after the customer’s complaint when she came for facial, Hair cut and hair straightening. As she narrated with discomfort, she said that Altaf kept touching her all the way during her Haircutting and hair straightening. However, she was still unsure if he is doing it on purpose or unknowingly. Post that, as he poured water on her dress until she got completed drenched and asked her to change at the salon, she was sure that he is doing this on purpose.

After speaking to some other customers, she knew that Altaf was doing this on purpose and not unknowingly or out of innocence. Also, it came to light that he had done this to many other female customers other than this client to how he had crossed all limits and gone to the extent of pouring water until she is drenched and had to use the salon dress changing arrangement.

Probably the whole incident was plotted to peep in while the client is using the changing room and the pouring water technique was planned to get the client to the drenched until they are left with no option, but to change at the salon.

However, this costed Altaf to get arrested and he was interrogated for his misconduct with the other female clients. Also, the salon owner is questioned for not maintaining security and safety measures for the client.

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