Get Slimmer and Toned Shape by Applying these Beauty Techniques

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Beauty Techniques

To enhance and sculpt the structure of face and other body parts, a make up technique is used, which gives you very sharp and elegant features.This is a very popular make up technique to give a slimmer and toned shape to that part of the body which you want.

If you are a die heart fan of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, then you must have definitely noticed their makeovers. Each and every celebrity look amazing and each of their body part looks so sharp.Not only plastic surgery is the option to have sharp looks, but some beauty techniques are also there as the best option.

This world is a magical world of makeup. With the help of a bronzer, contour, highlighter and makeup tools, one can alter the way of their own.There is some great way to look as if you have loosed some weight.You can transform your neck, forehead, jawline, nose, collarbone breast, abs or whatever you want.

Before applying those beauty techniques keep the following things in mind:

• Choose the colour wisely which complement your skin tone.
• If you are a beginner, then don’t go outside after applying contour. Because there are chances that you are not perfect at the first time.
• It requires a lot of practice. So just practise! Practise! Practise!
• If you are not getting result in the first time, don’t get discouraged.

Here is the list of some body part on which you can use beauty techniques to enhance your features:

• NECK: If you think your neck look a little wrinkle, then fix it through contour makeup. It helps to reduce appearance of fine lines, and make neck appear tall and sharper.

• COLLARBONE: Most women prefer to contour collarbone. Use a contour powder in combination with a highlighter for contouring collarbones. You are ready to wear a stunning off shoulder top.

• BREAST: Some women likes to give a cleavage appearance to breast. Start by drawing a curvy V, use a lighter shade and draw 2-3 strokes. Dab it using makeup sponge. If you do this, you won’t need more stuffing cotton wool into bras or wearing un-comfy push-ups for giving a killer cleavage.

• ABS: Everyone want a stunning figure, so that she can wear crop top. Don’t worry for that, just contour your abs and fulfil your wish. But keep one thing in mind, that abs continuing is very tricky. Abs contouring gives you a muscular look like DISHA PATNI.

• THIGHS AND LEGS: If you have a dream to have toned legs like models, that you have to go for legs contouring. But before going for legs and thighs contouring, make sure there is no visible hair growth. Add 2-3 strokes on outside portion of your legs with a darker shade and lighter shade for inner portion of leg. Apply at least 4-5 strokes on thighs, since they are heavy than legs. Apply contour the knees. Now, your are ready to wear short dresses of your choice.

• ARMS: If your arms are heavy and you have wish to wear sleeveless dress, then just contour your arms. Apply thin base from arms to hands and blend it out. Your arms and hands will definitely look toned and skinny.

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