Fashion Trends to Follow After Quarantine Days

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Fashion Trends After Quarantine

Plenty of clothes to wear but nowhere to go: That’s the life of a fashionista during the quarantine. By the time the lockdown ends, and you have your normal lives back, your existing clothes would have become as outdated as those archaic denim jackets (Yes, they’re done to death). Imagine going out for the first time after quarantine; the open sky, fresh air, and- old clothes? No, that isn’t right on so many levels. You deserve a fresh feeling and, so does your wardrobe. What? You’re wondering how to buy new clothes during quarantine? Well, you don’t go to parties without planning your look, do you? So, how did you think that you’re ready for a post-quarantine blast without prepping for it? Don’t get confused, and we’ll help you make a list of all the fashion essentials that caused quite a hullabaloo during the spring 2020 fashion shows.

Here’s a list of the best and the classiest Fashion Trends to follow after quarantine.

1. The Crochet

The trend: The crochet trend has been around since the time of your grannies! The knitted fabric and a see-through, mesh-like structure is the identification of a crochet dress.

How to rock it: It is the most versatile fashion trend, and you can use it with anything from dresses, to skirts, scarves, and even bags.

2. Sell like Hot Pants

The trend- This isn’t about your regular cotton hot pant. Knit shorts, denim cuts, and floral prints; this trend has it all.

How to rock it: Pair it with a big scarf of confidence (duh!)

3. Neon Zing

The trend: Fluorescent pink, green, blue, yellow, and orange; highlight yourself and stay a class apart from the crowd.

How to rock it: Don’t overdo it. That’s the only rule. If you pick up a skirt in the fluorescent shade, make sure that the top is in neutral colors.

4. B for Bermuda

The trend: No, we’re not mistaken. Bermuda is back (with a bang). Those big, comfy, knee-length pants which you thought only boys could wear, yes, they’re now in vogue.

How to rock it: Go all out with a blazer on top and a plain shirt within. This trend will bring out the boyish charm in you to make you look and feel like a hundred bucks.

5. Layered finesse

The trend: Billowing tulles, high-volume gowns, and layered maxi skirts; this trend is all about going that extra mile to make the most use of our fabrics.

How to rock it: Say no to flatness. Layer your clothes in style, and don’t shy away from experimenting. Cotton and other high-density materials might kill your look, so go for lighter fabrics like chiffon.

6. Feathery goodness

The trend: Birds of a feather flock together. Not necessarily. There are thousands of styles in which you can adopt the feather trend. It’s all about stitching a tuft of feathers on your garments.

How to rock it: Feathered scarves are the best way to use the feather trend.

So girls, these were the biggest and most talked-about fashion trends to follow after quarantine. Note them down and start hunting for that perfect outfit to rock your post-quarantine bash in style.

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