Early Labor: All You Need To Know About It’s Signs and Symptoms

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Signs of Early Labor

The happiest moment is when you see your baby for the first time. But, before the arrival of your little bundle of joy you have to feel labor to deliver the baby. For the first time moms, a question is very common that is how will she know that this is the perfect time to deliver the baby?

The day lady knows that she is pregnant this question gets in her mind about what will be the signs of early labor and so on?

Early labor, premature labor or preterm labor is the time period when your body gets ready for the baby’s birth in the early of the due date. Premature labor can be understood as the time period of delivering the baby at least before 3 weeks of your due date. Although today doctors can do something to delete the delivery time. Premature labor cause due to some of the following reasons:

• Overweight or underweight of the baby
• Smoking or consumption of any type of drug
• History of premature delivery in the family
• Some diseases like high blood pressure, thyroid
• Conceiving the baby soon after the first delivery
• Not having good parental care during pregnancy
• Conceiving with multiple babies

So these are some causes due to which premature labor happens.There are some warning signs of premature labor which you can notice. The following are some signs of premature labor:

• Frequent urination due to the baby’s head down
• Contractions that too frequent contractions. In this case, your womb tightens and then relaxes. Some people suffer
a lot of pain during this contraction. As labour time comes near your contractions become more frequent, stronger,
longer, and very painful. When you put your hand on the abdomen you will feel very tight but when the muscles get
relax you will feel no pain. These contractions put your baby down and opening the space in the womb for the baby
to come out.

• Cramping
• Fluid flowing from your vagina in the form of blood
• Water breaking
• Unbearable back pain
• Movement of the baby becomes less than earlier

These are some very important and basic science of premature labor you should know.Now the question arises what to do when the signs are induced? So here are some answers or tips to relieve during the labor.

• Take a warm bath
• Drink fluid
• Don’t sit at a place either walk or move
• Do some relaxation exercises with the help of your partner
• Try some meditation to get relaxed
• Tell your partner to give your back massage it will help you to bear the pain

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