Diabetes: Symptoms, Risk Involved and Treatment

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Diabetes: Symptoms, RIsk and Treatment

Each one of us have busy and tough life, due to which we are unable to take care of our own properly. This hectic lifestyle surrounds us with so many diseases.

Nowadays Diabetes is becoming very common. Earlier people used to say, diabetes is genetic problem, but this becomes false today. Without family history if diabetes, a person can suffer from the same.

Diabetes can occur due to two reasons:

1. Low level of production of insulin by pancreas.
2. Insulin produced is not properly responding from the cells of the body.

Women body suffers from so many diseases in her lifetime. Diabetes is getting so common in present era. We can say that getting a chance of diabetes in women is equal to men.

Types of Diabetes:

• Type 1 Diabetes: It results from pancreas’s failure to produce enough insulin due to loss of beta cells.
• Type 2 Diabetes: It is formerly known as adult-onset diabetes. It is characterized by high blood sugar, and
relative lack of insulin.
• Gestational Diabetes: It is a condition, where a woman develops high blood sugar level during pregnancy, without


• Frequent urination
• Vaginal discharge
• Painful sex
• Vaginal yeast infection
• Burning sensation during urine
• Bloody or cloudy urine
• Loss of feeling of different parts of body like bands, legs and feet
• Irregular periods
• Acne
• Infertility
• Weight gain or loss
• Skin infections
• Excessive thirst and hunger
• Blurred vision


As we know, that the blood flows to all parts of the body, hence, high sugar can cause damage to various parts of the body. The risk with high blood sugar is:

• It can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves
• Inflammation in the blood vessels.
• If you are pregnant, you just need to consult doctor about your diabetes, so that they can control blood sugar level. If you have a high blood sugar level during pregnancy, it’s a risk for both of you and your baby. It may result to:

1. Jaundice in new-born
2. Eyes and kidney problems to mother
3. Low blood sugar to baby
4. Having a large baby
5. Change of caesarean section
6. Premature delivery
7. Miscarriage
8. Overweight baby

Before getting pregnant, you should consult your doctor, so that you can have a happy and safe pregnancy, and your newborn will also be healthy.

• Heart diseases like heart fail, heart attack
• Kidney diseases
• Depression
• Obesity
• High cholesterol
• Blindness


• Insulin therapy
• Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight
• Controlling blood sugar
• Eat a balanced diet
• Avoiding caffeine and quitting smoking
• Taking chromium and magnesium as supplements

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