Death Warrant on 22nd Jan for all four convicts of Nirbhaya Rape-Murder Case

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Nirbhaya Rape Case

NIRBHAYA, in hindi meaning fearless, was an 23 years old from a working class family and was a physiotherapy student. On 14th Dec 2012,she and her male friend were beaten by six men in a moving bus in Delhi. Then she was raped by six men. She was badly injured and had many surgeries. But after two week of incident she was dead on 29th Dec. All the six men were arrested within 24 hours of incident. One of them suicide in the prison, one was a teenager, so he was given three years in a reformatory.

Four convict in the sensational case will be hanged on 22nd Jan 2020 at 7am in the Tihar jail, Delhi court say in 7th Jan 2020 Tuesday.

Victims parents, relatives and the whole country is satisfied with the order. Nirbhaya’s mother say, “My daughter has got justice. The decision will strengthen the trust of the people in the judicial system”. But after on hearing the verdict, Pawan (25) who was in a separate cell broke down, while the three others remained expressionless. Also Mukesh and Vinay said that they were in the process of filing curative petition in the supreme court.

Everyone is happy with the court’s decision, but why does it takes 7years to give punishment to culprits.Our government should made some laws to punish immediately for these types of crime, so that people should have fear in their mind.

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