Courier Boy Attacks his Female Client on Language Arguments in a High Rise in Mumbai

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Courier Boy

In a rage of anger, the courier boy punches one female and stabs the other one with a pen on her face for forcing him to speak in Marathi, while delivery a courier in a high rise in Dadar, Mumbai.

The courier boy named Ibrahim Shaikh, 28 yrs old, who reached the 10th floor of the Guru Krupa Society in Dadar to delivery the parcel to Sujitha and Vinita Pednekar on the 23rd of Feb, gets into a argument with them on Language as they force him to speak in Marathi whereas he is communicating in Hindi to them.

Ibrahim: Courier dene aaya hu
Ms Pednekar: Marathi me bolo
Ibrahim: Mai Hindustan me hu, to me hindi mey bolunga
Ms Pednekar: Aab tum Maharashtra mey ho, to marathi me bolo

Reacting to his resistance to speak in Marathi, the 2 ladies refused to take the courier and clicked pictures of the courier slip and of the courier man threatening him to register his complaint with the courier company and in a spur of the moment, the courier boy, Ibrahim Shaikh, happens to loose control on his anger and stabs one of the 2 females with his pen on her face making a deep injury and punches the other lady on her forehead.

Apparently the neighbor happens to come up through the front lift at the same time and gauging the incident rushes to hold back the courier guy saving the ladies from further mishap. Later Shaikh was held over and handed to the police by the building security guard.

It is a crime done by Ibrahim shaikh by hitting the ladies and he will be subjected to further investigation and punishment. However, is it appropriate to force a person to speak in a particular language and not receive the courier due to language differences. Both parties have acted inappropriately. Having said that no one has the right to hit another individual for any kind of disagreement or argument and it is a severe crime. Also would Ibrahim have behaved so inappropriately had it been a male client forcing him to speak in a particular language or did he attack the ladies as they r a weaker gender? The investigation will answer this now.

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