Courageous CRPF Female Guards Protecting India in the Times of Terror in J&K

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Women CRPF

From difficult climates to terror attacks and stone peddling in the J&K, which is so often that civilian restrain to walk out during the times of tension, though the CRPF women cell stands tall protecting J&K and its eminent shrines, government offices, camps and other locations of probable target.

The shelling and outrage of the crowd can affect some of the eminent locations and areas at any time during this tension phase and these CRFP women guards have to be on their toes to provide protection round the clock. The crowd can get voracious and battle amongst within making the place highly vulnerable. To add to the complexities, it’s not just controlling the mob, but also facing extreme climates which can dip down to a freezing low with minus temperatures and rain showers, cold winds blowing. Never have they walked out in their duty hours irrespective of the amount of challenges they faced be it externally or even their own health or any personal issues. They have stud strong and focussed, unshaken from all the difficulties.

Some of them have small kids that they have left back home to protect the nation, they have allying parents and family to look after, which they have sidelined and set Nation as the priority above all. Most of them are from the Army family, having most of their family members serving in Army, CRFP, military and so on. Protecting the nation running in their blood and everytime they leave home for their assignment they have high on energy to withstand all difficulties deep down knowing that it can cost them their lives.

The recent bus that was hit by the suicidal terror attack in Pulwama killing 40 CRPF officers was following another bus with 30 CRPF female officers which was safe in this attack. Though these female guards don’t show any signs of fear or worry. They are completely devoted to their service for the protection of the nation. These female CRPF guards in J&K are mainly assigned on the Shankaracharya temple, central Jail, Srinagar airport, high court and other vulnerable spots. They climb the 240 steps of the shankaracharya temple several times in a day happily and with utmost ease.

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