Close to 50% Women of Delhi Feel Unsafe, Let’s look at the Statistics

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Woman Safety in Delhi

In a survey done recently, over close to 5 out of 10 people in Delhi found it unsafe to travel with the City. Of this entire population surveyed, close to 50% population were women.

The women mentioned that they felt unsafe and unsure to travel in the city. Also many crime go unreported and the fear of unsafety is instill in the hearts to walk on the streets scared and terrified of some unforeseen destructive mob to attack them.

If this ratio was to dissected area wise, it was south Delhi and Northeast Delhi that had maximum females reporting to have felt unsafe to walk around, including the Shahdara district. The ratio was around 50% to report unsafe in totality.

It was found that the ratio of 70-80% women had dialed number 100, to report a crime happened with them. They also said that it was uncomfortable to report to the police about the incident which has taken place with them. Hence most of them, have also avoided to report the crime and the process to do so is not friendly or supportive in nature. Few also expressed, distrust towards the police and hence have avoided to report of any misconducted to them. In the overall survey, it was the women, children and senior citizen found to report maximum unsafe strategistics and this belonged to the skilled and the unskilled strata of the society.

The DCP has reacted to it stating that more and more people should take the courageous step to come out and report the crime. The reporting system is made simple and convenient for one to speak out. Moreover the identity of the complainant is kept secret, he said.

The system wants the smallest possible crime to be brought up into order to avoid the magnification of such crimes ahead. It is only when the people report about it can the officials ensure to work on it and ensure safety all around..said the authorities.

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