Challenges Faced And Precautions To Be Taken Post Delivery

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Postpartum Precautions

The Postpartum period is a very essential period for a new month before you feel the only time where you can come back to the pre-pregnancy stage. You may face so many physical and emotional changes inside you but you have to be positive and keep patience.

In many religion, the 40 days just after the delivery is the time period for complete rest called a confinement period. This is a very important period because in these 40 days a mother can take proper rest. But the customs are different for different religions.

There are a set of challenges a mother undergoes after delivery like

• Sore breast
• Constipation
• Hot or cold flashes
• Inconvenience in urine
• Weight loss due to breast-feed
• Postpartum depression
• Baby blues
• Mood swings
• Anxiety
• Sleep deprived
• Feeling of loneliness

But like every problem has solutions, these challenges can also be sort through precautions.

Precautions to be taken after delivery

Use Pads rather than Tampons: After delivery, there is heavy vaginal bleeding which lasts for approx. six weeks. This bleeding is due to the shed of the superficial membrane linked with your uterus during pregnancy. Using pads is necessary because it has less chance of infection compared to tampons.

Use an ice pack around the vaginal area: If you have given the birth through the vagina, then the wound may hurt and give pain to you for a few weeks. To heal that wound and pain you should use ice pack on the infected area to get relief. Other than sit in warm water for about 5 minutes.

Sitz bath and warm water: Take a sitz daily to reduce the soreness of around vagina. Also, the area between the vagina and rectum is difficult to clean, so for that dip a clean cloth in warm water and clean that area to avoid infection.

Rest: Proper rest is mandatory at this time. Don’t take any other responsibility in the first week few other than your baby’s. It’s very hard to take a sleep of 7-8 hours continuously because you need to feed the baby every 2 hours. So, try to sleep when your baby sleeps and sleep next to baby so that if the baby wakes up, you can easily wake up and can save your time and energy.

Proper diet: In the responsibility of baby, sometimes a new mom has no time for her, even she forget to eat food. But this is wrong, you are a breast-feed mother, so you should take a proper diet which is rich in all nutrients.Your diet should contain pulses, iron, and calcium. It will help you for better breastfeeding. Also, take the proper amount of fiber food in your diet to avoid constipation and stay well hydrated.

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