Cesarean Delivery Or Normal Delivery : Why Cesarean Delivery Is Most Commonly Performed ?

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Cesarean Delivery

If a woman is pregnant, she doesn’t know that how will she get their baby by cesarean delivery or by the normal. Today’s scenario deliveries are being common in the whole world and India also might soon have the most cesarean births. As we see nowadays it’s being common. There are many reasons for the existing of cesarean delivery. It’s have become an epidemic in India. A Cesarean delivery most common reason is stalled labor. If a mother’s cervix is not opening over several hours the baby is in distress. So, the last option is there a cesarean section. Let it step only taken when to protect the health of the mother or her baby or both. It’s called an emergency cesarean . On the other hand, when the mother already has knowledge that she is about to get baby by C-section it’s called a planned cesarean or an elective cesarean. Here we have Many differences between normal or cesarean delivery.

Normal Delivery vs Cesarean Delivery

If there is any critical situation like mother or fetus at risk so the cesarean delivery is recommended. But now we have seen it’s become a common way of escaping from labor pain. Because no one would like to face severe labor pain and they have their own common belief that C section is less painful safer and healthier than vaginal delivery. On the other hand we noticed that Natural birth is being lesser than cesarean delivery. If we are talking about the recovery time to both the deliveries will takes, then we have seen that the cesarean delivery takes more time to recover a mother besides this normal delivery takes less time for recovering a mom. In cesarean delivery, moms should take a lot of precautions for a long time. Several mums have their own experience that Natural birth is safe and easier than cesarean birth. There aren’t so many health issues coming with vaginal delivery and it’s the most common and safest way to get the baby. If a mum wants to give birth a baby without pain so she can go with the c-section.

Risks and Benefits of Normal Delivery and Cesarean Delivery

There are so many questions that are having a mother in their mind during pregnancy. The mom is a little confused about their delivery pattern that which is the best way to get the baby or deliver the baby. Firstly the mom has to discuss it with the doctor and their family too. Some mothers have some doubts about cesarean delivery that there may be too many risks to have this. She may be scared of the cesarean delivery Although we know that both the delivery patterns have their own risk and benefits. we talk about cesarean delivery it’s important to note that it does have risks because it’s a major surgery that making a cut in the abdomen of a pregnant woman and removing the baby from the uterus and the other hand vaginal delivery is a normal psychological process. After a natural birth, moms are able to hold their babies and start nursing sooner after delivery.

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