Careless Attitude of Some of the People of India at this Difficult Time of CoronaVirus Outbreak

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Tablighi Jamaat

The first thing we will discuss about is the incident of Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi happened on March 23.2361 peoples found in Mosque attended Tablighi Jamaat after 36 hours of operation. Now the question is that, Why so many peoples accrued there after strict lockdown? Why there is no strictness?

As we have seen, peoples are not only from different states but also form different countries. Out of 2361 peoples, 617 peoples who have some symptoms are hospitalised, rest of them are quarantined.

So far 134 cases were found positive who were removed from Nizamuddin Markaz.These included people from Pakistan, Indonesia, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arab and England. We have recognized 157 people from U.P, all are identified and quarantines

125 peoples from Haryana, all of them have now been quarantined, 9 from Punjab, 107 peoples are from Madhya Pradesh.
300 peoples are from Andhra Pradesh, 40 have been identified by the government.More than 100 people were from Jammu and Kashmir.6 people died in Telangana had also attended the gathering.

Police have lodged a criminal case on seven persons of the mosque under section 188,268,270 of the Indian Penal code and various other sections of the Epidemic act, their names are Maulana Saad, Zeeshan, Mufti Shehzad, M. Saifi, Younus, Mohammad Salman, Mohammad Ashraf. Mr. Saad has been missed since March 28.

We got to know that a patient suspected of corona virus came to join Nizamuddin Markaz’s Tablighi admitted in Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality tried to attempt suicide from hospital window.Delhi Police had completely sealed the area where the incident took place.The total positive in Delhi are now 152 till Wednesday.Again we have the same question which had spunk me, Why police is not aware of that?

How can be someone so irresponsible? How much cost we have to pay for this, we will get to know in future. This type of carelessness will not be tolerated.

Cleanest city Indore Incident

Another incident takes place in Indore on 1st April 2020, where peoples had done worst behaviour with the Doctors, they had thrown stones on them and spitting on them when they came for testing.Genuinely we are unable to understand what the hell is going with these people?

Are they really want to spread this virus with entire peoples?I think police should take some strict action against them so that they didn’t dare to do this again.

63 cases are positive in Indore till Wednesday and 190 tests are still pending. Total cases in Madhya Pradesh are 86.
We here are telling just one thing- Please obey the lockdown rules, don’t go outside and don’t show carelessness.

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