Cab driver abuses & harrassed a Pregnant Passenger

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Cab Driver

Recently a pregnant woman boarded a cab from Office, was subjected to abuse and harassment in the ride back home. She is a brave security officer at International airport and dealt with the harassment bravely.

Her name is not disclosed for privacy reasons. The women post office hours boarded the cab to get back home. The cab driver who was a senior citizen, seemed to be driving the car in a rash and haphazard manner, jumping over speed breakers and driving the car zigzag in the traffic with suddenly hard brakes.

The pregnant security officer who was 9 months pregnant, was highly comfortable due to such driving skills and feared the scare of hurting the baby in her womb which was excepted to deliver in the next few days.

Despite repeated request the driver kept his rash driving uncontrolled, not just that he purposefully drove more rash and speedily after her request to a point where he asked her to alight in the mid of the journey on a lonely highway with speedy vehicles gushing the street. As she refused to alight, the driver began to abuse her and curse the baby in her womb, commenting for the baby to die in the womb.

The pregnant security guard was highly traumatized by all this but still, she had a sense that this has to be straightened so that no other women had to face this driver again. She didn’t alight and the ride continued ahead to the destination. Few miles ahead, the passenger saw a lady traffic police and alighted from the cab to narrate the whole journey and harassment caused by the driver Satish Chandra Trivedi.

The matter then proceeded to the court and the over-smart driver alleged the passenger, saying that she was reluctant to pay and to avoid the bill, as plotted the harassment story. The magistrate, declared the allegation put on the passenger by the driver as a false coverup to his misconducted and punished him for his words and gesture to insult the women and cause her any mental or physical harassment, including the baby in the womb.

A penalty of 10,000 Rs was charged to the driver for his behavior and further imprisonment is subject to his behaviour ahead with other passengers. He will be bailed out on payment of the penalty, considering his age and will be kept under observation for his conduct to be imprisoned or left free ahead.

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