Bored with normal coloured hair? Here are some home tips to give your hair a different colour

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Hair Colour at Home

Everyone of us have listen a lot about the benefits of ingredients available in our kitchen. Those ingredients have many benefits on each and everybody part, whether it is skin, hair etc. In this article we are going to share magical home remedies for hair colour.


• Pocket friendly
• Less time consuming
• Chemical free
• No side effects


Heena: Heena known as mehndi, is the ancient way to colour hair. This is a technique which is used from a long period of time. It is a natural way to give your hair red colour. Heena, basically comes from a plant. Other than hair colour, heena is used to make temporary tattoos.


1. Mix a particular amount of Heena with water, to make a consistent paste.
2. Leave the paste for at least 2-3 hours before applying on hair.
3. While applying check the paste, if you feel it as dry, add little amount of water to make a consistent paste.
4. Now apply the paste on your hair.
5. Don’t forget to cover the root and tips.
6. Cover your head and leave the paste until it dries completely.
7. Rinse off with water. You can apply this paste once in a month.

Orange: The citrus fruit orange, not only boost your immune system, but also gives your hair a red colour shade. Orange is very easily available in every season and are very pocket friendly.


1. For red shade in your hair, you need orange juice and any oil like coconut or olive.
2. Mix both consistently and apply the mixture on your hair.
3. Cover your head with plastic cap.
4. Heavy it for at least one hour.
5. Wash it with normal water and if you have apple vinegar cider, wash with it to get more active results.

• Beetroot: Beetroot is a vegetable, which has so many benefits like it increase haemoglobin, for hair colour etc. If you want a tint burgundy colour, you should opt for Beetroot, rather than orange juice.


1. Squeeze the juice of beetroot.
2. Mix the juice with any oil, which suits you.
3. Apply the mixture in your complete hair.
4. Leave the mixture in your hair to set it for 1-2 hours.
5. Wash your hair.
6. Apply this twice a month.

• Lemon: This citrus fruit, lemon, is used to highlighting your hair. It gives a bleach blonde effect on hair after applying. It is used for lighting the hair.


1. Take lemon juice and water.
2. Mix both well and pour the liquid in spray bottle.
3. Spray the liquid on your hair.
4. Try to sit in sun for more blonde effect or dry your hair using blow dryer.
5. Wash off with normal water.
6. You can reapply the liquid after a week to get strong colour.

• Coffee: Everyone loves to drink coffee, whether hot or cold. Other than drink, coffee is very beneficial for hair colour. It covers the grey colour and gives more dark brown shade to your hair.


1. Boil coffee.
2. Take ½ cup of coffee, with 2 tablespoon of coffee seeds.
3. Mix them well.
4. Apply the mixture on your clean hair for 2 hours to set it.
5. Wash it off with water.
6. You can repeat the process, after a week to get more better result.

When you have so many ingredients in your kitchen, then why to waste money on salons and why to waste time? Just give your hair a natural colour, that too chemical free and stay gorgeous.

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