Bollywood Divas Secret for Beautiful Hair

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Bollywood Divas Hair Secrets

Everyone wants to have rich and healthy hair like our Bollywood Divas. Many people invest a lot of money and time for healthy hair. But there are many ingredients in your pantry, using which you can fulfil your desire of healthy hair.Even, the Bollywood Divas follow some daily regimes for their lustrous and voluminous hair.

Let’s have a look on the hair routine of our Bollywood Beauties:

• SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA: Shilpa is the Bollywood celebrity, who is famous for her fitness. Other than her fitness, she is having gorgeous and voluminous hair. In an interview she says, “I follow my grandmother’s advice of soaking and eating almonds, figs and walnuts for long and strong hair.”

• PRIYANKA CHOPRA: Priyanka never fails to pamper her hair and skin. Apart from her skin and fitness, she pays equal attention for her hair also. Recently, Priyanka shared her healthy hair secret DIY mask with her fans. Mask include yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey and egg, mix all and apply on hair for 30 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Apply shampoo and conditioner after this. Thus, mask is beneficial for those who are having dry hair.

• SONAM KAPOOR: Sonam is always spotted with perfect hairdo and flawless skin. She takes care of her skin as well as hair. Before applying stylish tools for hairdo, she always applies heat protectant. For oiling her hair, she mixes almond oil, coconut oil and shikakai, and apply it twice a month. Most important she avoid blow drying and brush her hair with Conair hairbrush.

• ANUSHKA SHARMA: PK girl, Anushka is very known in Bollywood for her looks and hair. Anushka is serious about her hair. She never washes her hair without oiling them. She uses two types of hair mask, first, coconut oil with raw AMLA powder and second, egg yolks and water. These masks keep her scalp healthy and strong. She never blows dry her hair and always cover her head with a scarf or umbrella when stepping outside in heat or dust.

• AISHWARYA RAI: The former Miss World, Aishwarya is a well-known beauty all over the universe. For her beautiful and lustrous hair, she take hot oil massage at least once a week. She use hair packs, which consists of coconut oil, olive oil, mixed with egg or Amla powder for her beautiful and healthy hair.

• KAREENA KAPOOR: The Pataudi daughter-in-law, Kareena Kapoor, is not just known for her acting, but also for her graciously beauty. Kareena is always a style diva, because of her dresses, makeup and hair. She takes care of her hair by applying oil massage on her scalp at least once in a month. The oil mixture consists of olive, castor, coconut and almond oil. She uses Loreal or Tigi and a Root booster and volume hairspray.

• MADHURI DIXIT: The queen of Bollywood, Madhuri always steal the limelight, because of her hair. She has a simple secret behind her shiner hair. She applies mixture of Olive and Castor oil, each night to get strong and shiny hair.

Other than these tips of Bollywood Divas if having beautiful hair, there are some other tips, which you should follow to have shiny, lustrous and voluminous hair. Tips are:

• Prevent hair from split ends.
• Proper oiling
• Use if hair mask
• Wash hair with cold water
• Avoid using styling tools
• Proper trimming
• Avoid more exposure to heat and dust
• Clean your hair
• Take proper diet, which include adequate amount if vitamins, fatty acids and citrus fruits.
• Avoiding changing shampoo frequently and use a good quality of shampoo.

So, ladies and girls, what are you waiting for? Apply the tips and get help from your favourite Bollywood diva to have your hair also look like them. Give yourself voluminous, shiny and healthy hair.

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