BMC worker brutally murders wife by smashing her head with a heavy weighing grinding stone

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BMC Worker

Nanasaheb Landge is a junior auditor in BMC. He is 35 years old and was residing in Panvel with his wife, Kalpana who was 30 Yrs old, worked as a teacher in St Joseph’s High School in Khanda colony.

On Thursday night, Nanasaheb got furies and his anger got him to kill his wife. He lifted the heavyweight 25 Kgs grinding stone, which is an ancient grinding heavyweight stone used by most authentic food preparing families. The stone which Kalpana used to grind the spices at home to feed her husband and her kid was used by her husband to smash her head to death while she was in deep sleep.

On Friday morning, Nanasaheb himself woke his daughter and went to his father and committed his crime. He safely handed over his daughter to his father and told him about his argument with his wife on her fidelity and disloyalty with her husband and post that Kalpana went off the sleep but Nanasaheb was sleepless until 3:30 AM and then he picked up the heavyweight grinding stone which is highly challenging to lift and smashed his wife’s head causing her immediate death on the spot.

His family heard his confession and called the police who arrested him and the dead body which was drenched in the pool of blood, was taken for post mortem and declared dead.

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